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2018 Trends: Taking restaurant experience to the next level

As digital technologies continue to disrupt the foodservice landscape, Genie Technologies, Inc. (GenieTech), a leading provider of end-to-end, comprehensive, and fully integrated business solutions says that restaurants will see big changes in the way they operate this year.

Among the big topics in today’s restaurant business is innovation brought about by the increased adoption of restaurant technologies.

Offering delicious food as well as high-quality services is what best describes a great restaurant experience. In the digital shift, however, the agenda now is more about how this experience is conveyed to customers, especially that they are becoming more interconnected through the Internet

In the recent years, POS systems become a widely utilized technology in the hospitality and restaurant industry. It allows businesses to centralize and manage all their transactions, including credit card processing, and even the post-transaction operations that lead to customer fulfillment. It can also be utilized to combine features, such as online ordering, inventory, and reporting, in one simple system, allowing for smoother business operations.

Today, upgrading POS system can greatly affect the quality of services offered to consumers. To maximize its capabilities, it is important to know the latest trends and features that will be most useful to thrive in the digital economy, especially for businesses that are new to this technology.

Among the latest features that comes valuable for restaurants are the POS system’s reporting and analytics. As this feature now becomes more sophisticated, it will be easier and faster for restaurateurs to get insights from their available data, such the sales from the previous month, employee’s shifting schedules, as well as the unexpected busy times.

And, since the data can be updated in real time, it allows to make smarter decisions on reordering and menu profitability

POS system is also shifting into customizable software platforms. Every restaurant has different needs based on their type thus, a tailor-fitted system can give long-term benefits as it eliminates paying add-ons and allows to fully maximize their POS system.

That restaurants must start integrating online ordering feature in their POS systems. Last year, the industry saw online ordering increased in average order size, especially that the Philippines has over 67 million netizens, based on the ‘Digital in 2018’ report released by HootSuite, a US-based social media management platform. These netizens also spend at least three hours and 57 minutes per day in social media.

With this consumer behavior, integrating online ordering in the POS system can be leveraged to increase productivity while reducing vendor fees as there is no need to pay third party intermediaries since the orders do not have to be routed through an external vendor.

For restaurants that plan to integrate POS systems, GenieTech offers NCR, a global leader in hospitality technology solutions, serving businesses in the restaurant, events-based venues, and entertainment industries.

GenieTech helps its clients transform their operations and interactions with their guests and staff. From increasing speed of service to attracting, retaining and engaging customers, its solutions help clients build better and more connected businesses.

To know more about GenieTech and its other business solutions and services, visit their website at www.gti.com.ph.

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