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8990 Holdings Inc. Chief Executive Officer Januario Jesus Atencio III.

8990 chief infuses P1 million into shelter research body

Publicly listed 8990 Holdings Inc. spearheaded the forming of a research center aimed at gathering data on the industry to help the government and the private sector ease the problem of lack of shelter in the country. 

8990 provided the seed fund of P1 million for the establishment of the center.

The Organization of Socialized Housing Developers of the Philippines Inc. (OSHDP), an umbrella organization of companies that provide affordable housing in the country, established the center, dubbed the Center for Housing and Independent Research Synergies (Chairs).

The research body wants produce studies on the state of low-cost housing in the country, including market research.

The center is also tasked to come up with a housing journal that would have topics about socialized housing.

It also seeks to fund research the findings of which would be presented to the public, including the government sector and academe.

8990 Holdings President and CEO Januario Jesus Atencio said the affordable-housing industry needs data on certain topics, like affordability analysis.

“Without updated statistics and relevant information, doing business is like flying a plane in zero visibility,” he said.

“The research group will provide lasting benefits of value-added knowledge in the ever-changing market place of ideas that will be relevant today and for generations of builders to come.”

Atencio said the industry needs all kinds of data to make the best decisions on basic housing demand and supply, market research, affordability analysis and statistics and analysis in support of a position on is-sues like national land use, Batas Pambansa 220, price ceilings and income-tax holidays. OSHDP President George Richard Siton said the housing body aims to ensure sustainability and support for housing from the government, private sector, financial institutions and the community benefi-ciaries, as well.

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