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AlDub: Independent from each other

By Boy Villasanta

At the rate AlDub is going, it is bound to regain its foothold despite instabilities from all directions. No matter how unstable the state of popularity of the team, AlDub Nation isn’t saying die. It is still one of the strongest and toughest tandems in the local entertainment scene while the separateness of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is inevitable.

This early, the respective management of the duo is reinforcing weapons to sustain the interest of the public to the individual member. GMA Network is working double time to promote Alden as an independent talent from Maine while the latter is being groomed by Triple A to be a distinct star.

This is a wide business decision because if the attitudes and acumens of ads agencies are concerned, both Richards and Mendoza have already established themselves as independent actors. Even if Yaya Dub had expressed her disinterest in prolonging her screen love team with Alden however anathema to AlDub Nation, she still has the confidence and trust of advertisement decision makers. It is because Maine has maintained her status quo as a separate person from the love team fans would want her to stick to. She had gambled costly by declaring to the whole world she doesn’t carry torch with her other half. This dissension has apparently made the best of her. She was still accepted by a majority of her followers. Her open-mindedness and independence makes the better of her.

Meanwhile, Alden has shown his good natured self that his fans love so much. He is a pure person inside out. Product and service endorsements of various interests and persuasions continue to knock on his door.

Although AlDub Nation still awaits their reunion in a movie, they are taking it in stride. No force to drag them together only a lax atmosphere of respect and understanding from their stakeholders. The more they play elusive, the more the public displays excitement. It is a good business sign.

For the meantime, Maine and Alden are assigned separately in Channel 7’s noontime show, the program which catapulted their being uncouple to the top of the charts, in kalyeserye. Conspicuously, the two aren’t seen together in one single frame except perhaps for a split-frame shot. If Mendoza is on a remote telecast, Richards is in the studio and vice versa.

No matter how AlDub Nation rants and complaints about their favorites being torn apart, they still harbor hope on their reunion which is still a possibility.

GMA Network is obviously testing the waters like pairing Alden off with other leading ladies like Jasmine Curtis-Smith although the young actress has already denied being offered by a network to partner with Alden on a TV drama. BG Productions of Baby Go is set to sign up Richards for a movie with Andrea Torres to be directed by Joey Romero.

This early, the young actor has shown his award-winning performance especially when he was cast as progressive and freedom fighting artist Bonifacio Ilagan in a docudrama titled “Alaala.” Although he didn’t singly win an award but he was the lead star of the project, the documentary film won Silver Award at the recent New York TV and Film Festival Awards.

Its director Adolf Alix, Jr. is all praises for his ensemble especially its actor for taking in challenges in his career to come out as a real thespian. Alden was around to accept the prestigious award. It would really add up to his stocks as an actor.

Meanwhile, Maine is awaiting for a project she could well display her acting wares again like a solo film.

The AlDub Nation needs not worry because the more Maine and Alden independently perform from one another, it is a gauge of their worth as individual artists. They should be proud of them. Their union—in film or TV—the second or third time around could advance the duo’s stability as solo artists.

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