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Former President Benigno Aquino III. (Photo: Noynoy Aquino Facebook page)

Aquino’s serious misdeeds

Assuming that the report card of Sen. Richard Gordon after the Dengvaxia investigation concluded last week is only 50% true, it is still enough for the health administration of the Aquino administration to pay what should be paid. Complaints coming from the mentally and physically damaged victims of unparalleled incompetence in the administration of the controversial anti-dengue vaccine to almost a million elementary pupils is filing up.

It is a crime beyond compare. A slow motion holocaust of innocent elementary pupils. A horror of silent deaths of children of shocked parents. A serial killings caused by ruthless and unconcerned national leaders including a former President of the Republic.

These are just few statements that can be attributed to the frightful report card of Sen. Gordon of the Blue Ribbon Committee that conducted series of senate hearings about Dengvaxia. It is now a national horrifying concern in relation to reports of many deaths related to the anti-dengue vaccine.

Gordon said former President Aquino committed malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance all in the name of politics. Malfeasance is defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary as, wrongdoing or misconduct especially by a public official. Misfeasance is the performance of a lawful action in an illegal or improper manner. Nonfeasance is failure to do what ought to be done.

Former President Aquino before the senate hearing started said that he is ready to face any circumstances about that controversy. He will definitely face now these accusations enumerated by Sen. Gordon.

“President Aquino and his former Health Secretary Janet Garin, former Budget secretary Butch Abad and other officials in the past administration conspired to rush the dengue vaccination of nearly one million schoolchildren and police officers,” Senator Richard Gordon said at the Kapihan sa Senado. “They must be held criminally liable and must be prosecuted for the Dengvaxia mess.”

The senator stressed that Aquino is responsible for that huge purchase and its resulting irreversible damage. The first 62 deaths reported in connection with the vaccine as per April 7, 2018 PAO autopsy showed internal bleedings in the heart, lungs, and brain.

Dengvaxia was administered to 733,377 pupils and some police officers. The vaccine is not applicable to seronegative dengue patients. Seronegative means sero na, negative pa sa dengue. Simply means hinding-hindi pa nagka-dengue.

Of those injected with the vaccine, only 10% were proven afflicted by dengue in the past. 90% are at risk for the fearful side effects of dengvaxia.

It is not simple to illustrate the nightmares of those parents belonging to the seronegative 90% “dengvaxians”.

These nightmares were foreseen at the chronology of events before the chilling dengvaxia horror came in the picture.

One telling date was February 11, 2016 or exactly three months before the Presidential election. On that day, Health Secretary Janette Garin, hosted the nationwide launch of Dengvaxia. A date so crucial since many election related activities will soon be prohibited under the election laws.

Following that date, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued statement saying Dengvaxia “may be ineffective or may even increase the risk in those who are seronegative at the time of first vaccination.”

The Blue Ribbon Committee reports said that the release of P3.5 million for the Dengvaxia purchase will never be possible without the former President’s approval. What was really painful and despicable was Aquino’s refusal to hear the warnings on the risks of the dengue vaccine.

Ex-DOH Sec. Enrique Ona said Garin is solely responsible for Dengvaxia nightmares sparing the former president.

Another simple but tumultous statement that should not be forgotten was the words of Ex-DOH Sec. Ubial, “Janette Garin’s husband asked me to buy more Dengvaxia.” He was referring to Rep. Oscar Garin of Iloilo 1st District. The congressman denied if behemently.

The Senate is a body for investigation limited to the perimeter “in aid of legislation.” It is up now to the power of the judiciary if the three “feasance” enumerated by the great gentleman from Olongapo City will be handed to the culprits in case somebody will be proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

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