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Azkals sets new record-high FIFA ranking

The Philippine Azkals once again made the jump in the FIFA rankings as the official update was released on Thursday.

The Azkals set a new record-high at 111th place overall, two places up from 113th last month.

The surge in the world football rankings happened despite them not playing a single FIFA international match during the recent international break.

The Azkal’s rise happened after Zimbabwe slipped three spots to 113th overall. North Korea now occupies the 110th spot, while Kenya moved up to 112th.

Despite the new record, the Azkals remained second in Southeast Asia as Vietnam also moved up one spot to 102nd overall to remain as the region’s top football team. The Azkals also stayed 19th in the Asian rankings.

With the participating teams in the FIFA World Cup next month gearing up for their last-minute preparations, there was no shakeup within the Top 47 teams in the FIFA rankings.PNA

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