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Points of View & Perspectives

July, 2018

  • 23 July

    Italy – A European struggle

    It has been quiet for a couple of months now in Italy, but scratching the surface discloses that the best bet is that turmoil returns in one way or the other.

  • 15 July

    China strikes back at US with…. tax cuts

    When US President Trump was heading across the Atlantic to the NATO top summit this week, he did not forget China, so he announced a further escalation of the trade war.

  • 8 July

    A world with economic A and B nations

    It is obvious that the world has become accustomed to globalisation of production. But there is more into it than a globalised production line of goods. During the past 30 years the monetary policy has also been globalised though that might reverse now which will disclose stress in some economies. This will challenge investors and actually also governments.

  • 1 July

    Germany slows down Europe’s economy

    Germany and Chancellor Angela Merkel is back in the centre of the storm, and this time, it affects the financial markets.

June, 2018

  • 24 June

    India also caught in Trump’s storm

    On the 3rd June, the governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Urjit Patel, had a chronicle in the Financial Times that was particularly interesting. It is already old news, but the very special fact that a central bank governor writes such a chronicle still deserves some attention. In addition, it is from the central bank of Asia’s third largest …

  • 17 June

    A weak EU against a weakened U.K.

    The divorce between Britain and the EU is now approaching quickly as the deadline is 19th March next year, so the negotiations need to move on during the summer.

  • 10 June

    Geraldine Roman: A New Breed Of Working Leader

    When she was named one of the 100 Leading Global Thinkers in 2016 by US-based Foreign Policy magazine, Orani, Bataan should be very proud of. Actually, the nation should be very proud of. Geraldine Roman is the first transgender congresswoman elected in the Philippine Congress and was elected by tremendous victory.

  • 10 June

    Oil price decides U.S. – China trade war

    The threat of a trade war between the U.S. and China has cooled down, but the battle will return with renewed power.

  • 3 June

    Sad tale of a prosecutor

    President Rodrigo Duterte has recently named several government officials allegedly involved in nefarious smuggling operations at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport ( Naia).

  • 3 June

    In June EU meets Italy’s debt mountain

    It’s now likely that Italy’s new government is ready for the EU summit in Brussels on the 28th and 29th June, but the rhetoric already gets the full attention from the financial markets.