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June, 2015

  • 8 June

    The Pinoy student’s seesaw world: Is it ‘baon’ or ‘pasahe’ today?

    Either way, the answer cannot but tip the seesaw; balance comes from both—the student’s life as played out daily. As I recall, in my high-school years, I walked to school carrying baon in an Army mess kit, probably inherited from an uncle, often with rice and a dry main dish like grilled chicken, or a few cubes of adobo.

  • 8 June

    Graceless attack on Poe

    The statements of Navotas Rep. Toby Tiangco, interim president of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA); and UNA Secretary-General JV Bautista that Sen. Grace Poe is not qualified to run for higher office in 2016 due to circumstances surrounding her birth and residency have only managed to endear her to the people.

  • 1 June

    The discordant melody of mining (First part)

    If mining had music, its melody would be discordant where what popular tunes might be in direct contradiction with its libretto, the notes and the cleft, the specific details that comprise its music violently divergent and contradictory resulting in a cacophony of noise, painful and excruciating.

  • 1 June

    Surprise of my life: ‘Misua’ isn’t Chinese

    It had confounded me that I couldn’t find a package of misua in four shelves of what looked like an all-nation variety of Oriental noodles at our neighborhood Chinese-run produce store here in Vancouver. My frantic state of mind must be blinding me, I had thought—as the clock over the garlic/onion/ginger/yam/potato bins clicked fast to suppertime—or maybe, it’s going by a …

  • 1 June

    Mar ready, but are voters ready for him?

    In the strongest indication that he is, indeed, running for president, Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas announced last week that he is ready to face President Aquino’s declaration that he is the top choice to continue with the government’s anti-corruption campaign.

May, 2015

  • 24 May

    First smile: Piecing together a memory

    The more I plumb my memories, which tend to link with almost any theme or subject I tackle, the more I’m convinced that not facts but feelings anchor us to our past. No matter how studies on the role of memory in everyday life place learning, meaning knowledge skills, at the core, I associate most of what I seem to …

  • 24 May

    Legal larceny at LTO

    Car owners are up in arms over the hare-brained scheme hatched by some smart guys at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) requiring vehicle owners to pay an additional P450 to acquire new license plates for their old vehicles.

  • 24 May

    Market disruptors

    Game Changers by JJ Atencio This column will explore and talk about success, the kind that comes from game-changing innovation that makes the business a market disruptor.

  • 19 May

    The ding-dong qualities of a leader

    Given the latent charges levied in the media against the Vice President derived from the Aquino administration’s campaign to exact vengeance for what ruling party officials deem as the anomalies of nonpartymates and other presidential challengers, plus the recent discussions between Benigno Aquino III and Sen. Grace Poe on the possibility of either a presidential or vice presidential bid in …

  • 19 May

    Insect infestation: Think impunity

    Picture a burst of limbs from a death-like state, the sudden blooms and sprouts on bare twigs, and as if wakened on multi-hues of happiness, the tulip fields—it’s spring. In our bones long chilled and often freezing, we, too, feel a sprint, especially of the spirit. But exhilaration has a dangerous underside, and if unchecked could prove disastrous; spring’s dizzying …