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Points of View & Perspectives

April, 2015

  • 20 April

    Investing in capital asset valuation

    For far too long, more as a function of the latent external global perspective on debt and deleveraging as a result of an inordinately long recovery in the financial markets, key policy rates, those that determine such mundane matters as bank-savings rates, have been sorely dismal.

  • 20 April

    When did you last go to the library?

    If asked, I would look up but unseeing the sky as I search within me for an answer. Maybe three weeks ago, I did but to browse for new items at the Gift Shop, use the washroom, check for new titles, and then cross the famed lobby of the Vancouver Central Library downtown to one of the cafes for a …

  • 20 April

    Grace Poe, LP’s best bet in 2016

    Barely six months before the filing of Certificates of Candidacy in October this year, Sen. Grace Poe is, without a doubt, the Liberal Party’s best bet in the presidential election of 2016. Senator Poe has seen her numbers jump by 10 percentage points to 31 percent in the latest Social Weather Stations survey. She is now tantalizingly within striking distance …

  • 11 April

    What’s wrong with the truth?

    THE NEXT PAGE / Dean dela Paz Recently, the highest official in the land—the person we trusted with the awesome powers of the presidency, the coffers of the national treasury, and the full might of the police and Armed Forces—has had his word tested and retested. So far, the man has failed those tests miserably. His credibility shot full of …

  • 11 April

    He often does not return

    PEREGRINE NOTES / Alegria A. Imperial If simply shot in a skirmish, his chances of a burial would be high but if captured and secreted away, rumors about the place and manner of his execution could rise as legends. If the widow traced the map in grooves said he had hidden, she could entangle herself in a spider web; sightings …

  • 11 April

    Trash-talking Trillanes

    WHERE I STAND / Ed Javier Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV is up to his old tricks again. Seemingly hell-bent on arresting the rise of Vice President Jejomar Binay in the presidential polls, the legislator let loose with another barrage of irresponsible statements notable only for their utter lack of propriety and restraint.

March, 2015

  • 23 March

    Carping on CARP

    Dean dela Paz / The Next Page Recently, a crusted and cloyed issue nearly a third of a century old, albeit one that resurrects and recurs every so often, reared its intrusive head and merited not just a banner headline in at least one of the major broadsheets but a sudden and unscheduled emergency meeting called by a troubled and …

  • 23 March

    For bleeding hearts

    Alegria A. Imperial / Peregrine Notes Scraped to the bone on its back, lacerated breast and broken wings, and limp as a rag dumped into the trash, death could have been just a few heartbeats away three weeks ago in Panton, Galicia, Spain. But a woman taking out rubbish noticed a weak blink in its eyes, held it and felt …

  • 23 March

    Senator Poe’s finest hour

    In record time, the Senate Committee on Peace and Order and Dangerous Drugs under the chairmanship of Sen. Grace Poe released the findings of its investigation on the Mamasapano tragedy that resulted in the death of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) troopers.

  • 9 March

    Regulating both greed and grid

    Dean dela Paz / The Next Page Overwhelmed by compelling issues of national importance and thus, tucked in unobtrusive corners of the major broadsheets, disturbing questions have been festering on our national electricity transmission grid. These range from questions of regulation, basically the province of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), to controversial internal procurement practices, surrendered to the independent management …