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Philippine National Shooting Association (PNSA) chief Gov. Luis “Chavit” Singson

Chavit seeks unity in sports

By Danny Simon

Philippine National Shooting Association (PNSA) chief Gov. Luis “Chavit” Singson recently sounded the call for a comprehensive unity in the sports community as he promotes the welfare of national athletes and Philippine sports as a whole.

“Let us unite now. I’m calling the attention of the POC leadership and the NSAs to join hands in uplifting Philippine sports. Our athletes needs full support in the aspect of resources and modern facilities to keep abreast with other countries in terms of development. Divided we will fail, united we will succeed,” he addressed the media during a press conference in his yacht “Happy Life” in Malate, Manila.

Singson expressed his willingness to initiate a dialogue with POC president Ricky Vargas of ABAP to tackle legitimate issues on alleged factionism, divisiveness, discrimination, lack of programs, selection of best athletes to represent the country in international meets, among others, which he said lead to dissatisfaction and loss of confidence on the current POC leadership.

A well-known sports patron and respected public servant, Singson is eager to lend full support to give Philippine sports a much-needed facelift, and he is jumpstarting this effort by calling a meeting with everyone concerned as he believes that it would ensure success in future international competitions like the Southeast Asian Games (Seag) and the Olympics.

Singson was joined in the press conference by several NSA representatives who expressed displeasure over the present POC administration.

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