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President Duterte and Chinese President Xi Jinping greet well-wishers prior to their bilateral meetings at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on October 20, 2016.

China, Philippines mark 42 years of diplomatic relations

China and the Philippines celebrated its 42nd year of diplomatic ties last June 9 which showed the close neighbors, separated only by a strip of water and sharing both blood and cultural connections, have strong bonds despite some irritants. 

The friendship between China and the Philippines has withstood the test of time and should be dearly cherished by peoples of both countries as a common treasure, the Chinese Embassy said in a statement.

On June 9, 1975, former President Ferdinand Marcos, with his family and Cabinet officials and Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai, signed the Joint Communique establishing diplomatic ties between both countries.

The historic occasion was held at the hospital where Premier Zhou, seriously ill prior to his death just seven months later, was staying.

More than 1,000 years ago, trade and personnel exchanges have started between China and the Philippines. Six hundred years ago, the Sultan of Sulu embarked on a trip of friendship to China, carrying with him the good will of the Philippine people and leaving behind moving stories of China-Philippines amity.

Over 100 years ago, many Chinese in coastal areas sailed across the sea to the Philippine shores and lived in harmony with the local communities. They stood thick and thin all together and forged fraternal affinity.

The setting up of diplomatic ties between both countries ushered in a new era for the time-tested friendship of both countries.

“The past 42 years witnessed a sound and smooth development of China-Philippines friendly relations. In October 2016, President Xi Jinping welcomed President Rodrigo Duterte in Beijing on the latter’s first state visit to China and the two leaders charted a new page for China-Philippines partnership, which is well poised to move towards maturity with strength and depth,” the embassy said in a statement.

“In retrospect, China-Philippines relations have experienced great accomplishments. Looking forward, we should try our utmost to open up broader vista for our two countries to tap into huge potential of mutually beneficial cooperation so as to enhance and enrich this strategic and cooperative relationship,” it said.

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