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The classical musician is a legal eagle, a spirit questor

By Boy Villasanta

Nick Nangit who?

Remember the classical pianist who performed a couple of years ago in exquisite Museum of History of Ideas in Padre Faura in Manila where controversial whistler-blower and now one of the managers of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) Sandra Cam and the late actress Dinah Dominguez were guests?

There he was on curtain call, in his sequined coat, beaming with pride as he was offered a bouquet of flowers and he took a bow to thank his audience who were attentive in his virtuosity on the ebony and the ivory.

Remember one of those starry nights in Paco Park where the classical musician interpreted the magnum opuses of Bach and Beethoven and the ageless Willy Cruz’s “Bituing Walang Ningning” with gusto?

He was well-applauded and well appreciated by his listeners who were impressed by his versatility in music notwithstanding in his life.

At the moment, Nick Nangit has slowed down in his concerts as he concentrates in his legal profession. Being a lawyer makes his life very colorful and intriguing.

I met Nick Nangit through the late entertainment writer Dennis Adobas. Nangit was preparing for his big show and he wanted the press to announce to all and sundry that he would be entertaining and inspiring the crowd with his rendition of classical music and performance of pop pieces.

I learned that he is an expert on taxation. “But I would like also to be adept with my musicality,” Nick asserted.

His music he got from ouido but he also had his share of semi-formal education in piano lessons from wizards. “I think this is also a gift,” said Nangit.

Because of his authority on taxation, the Senate got him to work on Tax Reform on Acceleration and Inclusion or TRAIN with the authors of the bill, one of them Senator Sonny Angara. Nick being a graduate of the UP College of Law has a wide range of knowledge on taxation from his formal legal training to his individual initiatives to read and interact with various  peoples from all walks of life to discover their views and experiences on the ground.

These discoveries have farther enriched his understanding of the necessities of the common folks. It is his passion to help the poor alleviate their desolate condition through tax cuts. “TRAIN if we are able to understand and put into practice the various packages attendant to them, we will realize that it is pro-poor,” said Nangit.

But he had just resigned from his post as one of the battery of lawyers to research and to enhance the TRAIN.

“Politics is very dirty. I see only a few politicians who have light and good aura. I can’t stand grandstanding just to be noticed in public,” he sighed.

Among the many public servants so-called in the ring Nick only considers Manny Pacquiao and Nancy Binay as worthy senators.

“You would just look at Nancy as a poker-faced member of the chamber but she is very intelligent. When she deliberates, you think she isn’t paying attention to the discussion but when she opens her mouth, she is logical and substantial,” Nick gushed.

He didn’t directly name one senator but he observed that the lawmaker was only after publicity and drama for a show to impress and to solicit sympathy from the audience.

“It’s hard to be part of the research team of politicians. I couldn’t stomach it anymore that’s why I left the team,” he revealed.

According to Nangit, when a politician interacts with his or her fellow members of the august body, there is a chance that politicking and influence peddling intervene in the deliberation and voting on major bills and issues.

“Kahit na maganda ang intensyon mo para sa ikakaganda at ikabubuti ng isang batas para sa mga mamamayan, pag pumasok ang (Even if my intention is for the betterment of the citizenry through the enactment of a law, but the intervention) human factor of biases and prejudice, of a party stand (nababago ang stand nila lalo na pag (their stands change especially if they a have party stand) o kaya ay may (or if there are lobbyists to support certain interests like of multinational corporations,” Nangit divulged.

“I hate the hypocrisy and the corruption that’s why I left the committee,” he added.

His looking at the inner sanctum of politicians is a gift Nick has been thankful for. His spiritual discerning on people makes his life more interesting and exciting.

Every now and then, Nangit is delving in his paranormal sphere. “We have encounters with dead people.

It’s a power that we cultivate in us and then we share with others. We also study it and we deepen our knowledge of it,” he confessed.

At the moment, after his concerting and spirit questing, he is on the finishing stage of his reference book, simply titled “Taxation” which he hopes to launch in the most appropriate time.

Nick might be enjoying best of many worlds, his heart and mind are focused on the reign of good over evil, the basic contention in his realm of morality.

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