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Madam Suzette Arandela

Crystals play luck in the Year of the Earth Pig

For those who aim to attract luck and positive energy in 2019, the Year of the Earth Pig in the Chinese calendar, feng shui expert and famous psychic Madam Suzette Arandela suggests that one has to display and to accentuate all types and forms of crystals in one’s body, in home spaces and the work places.

“Crystals have the healing power. They can cure illnesses and the Year of the Earth Pig can be luckier if we have crystals in our midst,” says Madam Suzette in an exclusive interview.

Arandela reveals that she herself adorns and perches all kinds of crystals at home. Some of them, she says, she places on tables, cabinets, dividers, closets and other pieces of furniture inside her house. Her doors and other openers, she advises, are bedecked with crystals.

“I would like that my whole year would be lucky for me so crystals should be in all parts of the house,” adds Madam Suzette.

Arandela considers that crystals are also like talisman or charm.

“You know what? Crystals have the capacity to lure people to your side. For example, if you are courting a woman and you find it hard to draw her to your side, you can do magic with crystals. For those who want to attract the attention of their crushes, crystals can help a lot,” Arandela quips.

But she recommends one particular crystal which she finds the most powerful and helpful of all crystals and this is quartz crystal.

“The best is the quartz crystal. This is a very effective healer of any ailment like headache o dizziness. By the time you wear a quartz crystal or you just look or observe at it, all your headaches and dizziness will go away. It is because quartz crystal has many sizes and shapes which help cure illnesses very fast,” she shares.

Arandela also notes that crystals can cast away evil spirit and bad luck. “Bad or negative vibes are also being driven away by crystals,” she stresses.

“If you want to drive away evil thoughts and spirits, just place crystals in all the corners of your house. Your offices should also be adorned with crystals. In the workplaces, crystals can loosen up the tight atmosphere of working relationship,” elucidates Suzette.

According to the lady psychic, it is easy to acquire crystal because it is easy to get in a cheaper prize.

Crystals have been around in the human society all around the globe since time immemorial.

The dawn of civilization has already gifted men with the precious crystals in all colors, textures, shapes and sizes.

It has been six thousand years since the growth and presence of crystals in Mesopotemia, rhe Roman Empire, Egypt, Greece, Japan, India and other ancient nations.

According to Wikipedia, Greece was the first one to discover and to develop the colorful appearance and properties of crystals. Crystal’s etemology is “krustullos” which means “ice.”

In ancient Greece, it is believed that crystals then and even now are mannas from heaven although it is said that “krustullos” also comes from the sea but they were just formed in the water to become “ice.”

Crystals are usually transparent like an aluminnum. In Greece, crystals like qyarts, mica or gypsum are minerals.

In the Greek mythology, crystal is a significant stone when Dionysus, the god of wine and rituals in the Mount Olympus got mad at the young lady called Amethyst. To evade the ire of the king, Amethyst sought help from the goddess Diana who transformed Amethyst into a precious stone she was spared from the anger of the god.

Some of the crystals and their powers:

Calcite—balances emotions.

Clear Quartz—elevates the human spirit.

Chrysocolla—helps better articulation of things.

Amethyst—keeps mental faculties sharp for focus and right decision.

Agate—maintains strength and courage.

Quartz—cleanses all parts of the human body.

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