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Ferdinand “Ka Freddie” P. Aguilar

Freddie Aguilar’s 40th year in showbiz: A world tour

Legendary folk singer Ferdinand “Ka Freddie” P. Aguilar will celebrate his fortieth year in show business with a rediscovery of his music, past and present, among Filipinos globally.

To highlight his anniversary is a tribute to his song “Anak” which catapulted to world fame in the 1970s and beyond and which inspired a return to filial love among millions of his compatriots and foreign audiences as well. The iconic song has been translated in numerous languages

around the world.

Starting this May until the same month next year, Ka Freddie will tour internationally to spread again the relevance and beauty of his songs vis-à-vis the bringing to the world stage of the culture, heritage, tourism and patriotism of the Filipino nation through musical and cultural events.

Aguilar’s performances will be savored in forty cities around the globe—ten (10) in the Philippines, fifteen (15) in the United States of America and fifteen (15) in Europe and Asia. To stamp the audiences with his immortal brand of music, Ka Freddie will tag along his Watawat Band in all his worldwide gigs. Foremost of his target audiences of his magical concert will be Filipino immigrants to their host countries, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), Filipino expats and all other Filipino ethnic communities in other countries. As per requirement, the minimum sitting capacity per city is one thousand (1,000) seats.

Aside from his own music, Aguilar will also bring along to the world stage our Filipino cultural dances, audio and visual arts, Filipino heritage including theBayanihan spirit, native Philippine products and souvenir bazaars.

The event’s highlights will be Ka Freddie’s so-called Video Auto-Biography Worldwide telecast along with the giving away of “Anak: 40 all-time favorite CD compilation release, forty-(40)-concert baseball caps and concert t-shirts and other keepsakes and finally, the presentation of video clips of the best tourist attractions in the country through the Department of Tourism.

All his original songs will be performed and reinterpreted not only by him but his band as well as audience participation in singing his signature songs. He will also allot an-hour photograph session, signing autographs, taking selfies and pleasantries with his fans and supporters.

The beneficiary of the concert series is the Marawi Rehabilitation Program and the Philippine Katutubo Foundation.

Another purpose of the event is Ka Freddie’s way of thanking his worldwide followers and friends who have remained supportive and appreciative of his music, performance and patriotism.

One of the objectives of the series of shows is to attract and engage the one (1) billion people worldwide who access Facebook and to connect to his entertainment which will also be promoted in print and broadcast media nationally and internationally.

Other goals of the project are: to bring a cascade of interests among the Filipinos abroad to give back to the Philippines by supporting our own native products and tourist destinations; to inculcate international awareness about our history, the exotic culture, arts, and the Filipino heritage; to positively influence the morale of our OFW and immigrants to be proud of their native country and their cultural heritage and to harness global support for Philippine tourism and the Philippine music industry.

The project is mustering prospective sponsors who can enhance the benefits of the world tour.

Meanwhile, the country’s musical pride will discuss the salient points of federalism. (Written by Boy Villasanta/ researched by Art Tapalla)

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