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ScanSnap regional marketing head Jasmine Yeo (left) with Fujitsu Philippines personnel. (Photo by Gia Catimbang)

Fujitsu scanners hit 10M mark in global shipments

By Gia Catimbang

Fujitsu manufacturer PFU Ltd. expressed pride that its Fujitsu line of image scanners reached 10 million in global shipments as of last July.

Fujitsu scanners have always played a familiar part in small, medium and large businesses here in the Philippines, with government offices and financial businesses boosting Fujitsu’s market sales in the Philippines by 30 percent.

PFU also launched a “10M Achievement” website in honor of the milestone with the slogan, “Good quality has 10 million reasons.”

Jasmine Yeo, Regional Marketing Head of Fujitsu’s ScanSnap Image Scanner series shares their method on how Fujitsu reached a 10 million global milestone.

“Before every scanner, we understand the customer’s needs and experience,” Yeo said.

Releasing their first image scanner, the U4301A flatbed back in 1983, Fujitsu has come a long way by continuing their dedication to the needs of their customers with the expansion of its “fi-Series” scanner lineup with the addition of ADF equipped models and high-speed image scanners, she said.

Fujitsu then made its leap to the 00’s with the launch of the “ScanSnap Series,” enabling “OneTouch” scanning and digitalization, followed by the release of the Wi-Fi compatible iX Series and overhead scanning SV600.

34 years after selling its first image scanner in the market, PFU proved itself to be capable in adapting and evolving in a constant state of changes and development in technology. Not only has its image scanners been used in offices and homes in over 100 countries worldwide, but its fi Series has also received much acclaim to achieve Number 1 in the global scanner market share.

As for what comes next, PFU announced interest in making new innovations and pushing boundaries in the course of Artificial Intelligence (AI,) Networking, and Cloud.

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