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Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III

Government use of digital system gets boost

A government delegation received insights from last week’s three-day learning workshop hosted by Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma in Hangzhou, China will help the Duterte administration understand how to optimize the use of technology to improve governance and prepare Filipinos for the future under a digital economy, Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III said.

Dominguez said the New Economy Workshop organized by the Alibaba Business School offered him and the rest of the Philippine delegation the opportunity to peer into the future and learn how to further open opportunities for growth for Filipinos.

“The real purpose of doing this is really to see how our government can improve the people’s lives—because that’s essentially the job of the government—how to improve people’s lives not only for tomorrowbut for the future,” Dominguez said at the close of the Workshop, the first overseas government training program organized by the Alibaba Business School.

Dominguez also thanked Ma and the Alibaba team for hosting the workshop, which offered a series of lectures on how digital technology applications can be used to, among others, empower small businesses and expand their access to online credit, improve logistics networks, and even improve traffic enforcement.

“I want to thank Jack Ma and the Alibaba team for this really wonderful three days. I think we have gathered a lot of knowledge. Essentially, we came here with the idea of peering into the future and basically our idea was to stand on the shoulders of the giants who have already done it,” Dominguez said.

Brian Wong, vice president of the Alibaba Group said in response that “Hopefully, this has been very enriching and you can see from our experience how the public and private sector could really play a key role, and working together to help transform the economy.”

’’We have a great admiration for your government and willingness to learn about what is happening here in China and the economy,” Wong told the Philippine delegation.

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