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Grab Phils. Pres. Brian Cu revealed that 'forces' want to bring them down.

Grab Phils reveals ‘forces’ wanting it to fail

Grab Philippines said it would continue fighting “external forces” wanting to see it fail.

“Whether or not there are external forces who would want Grab closed, we will fight that,” Grab country head Brian Cu said during a forum with its drivers.

He did not give details on the “external forces” he was referring.

“But internally, we are committed to stay, to work with our partners to improve our system further,” he assured its TNVs drivers.

Cu said Grab invested a lot in the Philippines, that the commitment of Grab to its customers was a team effort.

“Grab has a big commitment here in the Philippines, not just me personally, but also our whole regional team.” Cu said.

“We put in a big investment here in the Philippines and we will continue investing,” he assured Grab passengers.

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