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(left)Jowee Morel and (Right)Xiao Chua

Historian and TV personality Xiao Chua reveals a lot about big people in docu film on Quezon

As early as seven in the morning on the recent celebration of the creation of Quezon City, guests and employees of the Quezon City Public Library (QCPL) were already teeming at the conference hall of the office for the launch and showing of the documentary film “The Making of Quezon City.”

“The Making of Quezon City” is a joint effort of the QCPL and SFX Productions. In other words, the audio-visual company was the one who won in the bidding of the project.

I represented SFX Productions in the making of the historical film. I was the Supervising Producer of the docu which I considered a very challenging and educational program not only for the residents of Quezon City but for the entire Philippine citizenry.


Because the docu film is a national history in progress.

It tackles the idea of the First President of the Commonwealth Manuel Luis Quezon in creating a city wherein the national government could hold offices in one hub. Sadly, Quezon died without seeing the realization of his dreams but there were people who continued his plans.

Interestingly, the first name of Quezon City was Balintawak City but politicians during that time egged on Quezon to name the city after him. “Sabi ni Quezon noon, ano ba itong mga taong ito at pinapatay na yata ako at ipapangalan sa akin itong lugar na ito (Quezon asked if the people around him were wishing him dead already that the place was to be named after him),” historian and TV host Xiao Lopez said in an exclusive interview for the film.

Ang Quezon City ay may kasaysayan bago ito naging Quezon City (Quezon City has a history before it became Quezon City),” added Xiao.

According to Chua, revolutions in the evolution of the country had started in this city, declared Chua who was a very willing and credible resource person on the topic.

Meanwhile, one of Quezon’s grandsons, Enrique Quezon Avanceña, daughter of Nini Quezon Avaceña, the only living child of the president, didn’t mince words that his grandfather was a son of a son of a priest.

Ang impression ng mga tao sa mga mapuputi at matatangos ang ilong ay mga mestizo. ‘Yan naman ay totoo dahil ang tatay ng lolo ko ay anak ng kura paruko ng Baler (The impression of people about persons who are fair-skinned and high nose are mestizos. But that’s true because the father of my grandfather was a parish priest of Baler),” chuckled Enrique, also known as Ricky Avanceña who referred to Baler as the former name of the Province of Quezon which was called Pueblo El Principe during the Spanish time. Presently, Baler is still a town ever since the creation of Quezon as a province which was later separated from its jurisdiction and was eventually renamed Aurora Province.

This little known information created ripples among the audience including the QCPL Chief Librarian Emelita Villanueva and the docu film Project Coordinator Librarian III Marlene Raquiño. The whole project was met with enthusiasm and fervent applause.

Even if its director, controversial Fil-Briton filmmaker Jowee Morel (“Moma,” “Ec2luv,” “Mga Paru-Parong Rosas,” “Mona, Singapore Escort,” “When a Gay Man Loves,” “HiStory,” “Latak,” “Strictly Confidential” and “Leona Calderon”) wasn’t around, the crowd was satisfied with his new masterpiece.

“I am inspired to do more feature films and documentaries,” said Jowee.

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