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JICA is helping MMDA in addressing worsening traffic.

JICA to help ease Metro Manila traffic

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) have joined forces to identify traffic bottlenecks to try to come up with a 5-year action plan for sustainable solutions on traffic management, and capacity enhancement under a Project for Comprehensive Traffic Management Plan for Metro Manila.

The economic impact of transport congestion in Metro Manila has been quantified to P3.5 billion a day, with the situation possibly worsening to P5.4 billion a day by 2035 if the situation is not addressed today.

Economic cost of transportation, which means vehicle operating cost and time cost spent by drivers and passengers while driving within Metro Manila, was assessed under JICA’s Follow Up Survey on the Roadmap for Transport Infrastructure Development for Greater Capital Region (2017). The Updated Transport Roadmap is being reviewed by the Philippine government.

“Aside from investments in infrastructure building, JICA is also supporting the Philippines ease traffic congestion to help make urban areas like Metro Manila and surrounding areas more livable, and encourage investments into the Philippines,” said JICA Chief Representative Yoshio Wada.

JICA and MMDA have already signed the Records of Discussion for the Technical Cooperation Project to begin 2019 until 2022 which aims to mitigate road traffic congestion on major corridors in Metro Manila.

The cooperation with MMDA will include dispatch of Japanese experts on road traffic management, traffic policy, and intelligent transport system.

The project will also include partnerships with the road sector of all 17 local government units in Metro Manila.

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