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Kris Aquino

Kris is back in ABS-CBN

Veteran, no-nonsense and award-winning actress Pilar Pilapil once uttered: “In life and in show business, nobody’s indispensable.”

It must also be true to Kris Aquino who’s back in her home studio—the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation—for decades.

“It’s been two years,” a sound bite of a media man hidden from a camera covering the event at the compound of ABS-CBN was heard. “No, it’s less than two years. It’s about one year and nine months. I’m counting,” she corrected.

Kris has just signed up a contract for Star Cinema, the film arm of the company. She is to share stellar billing in a film with the new and forceful tandem of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barreto, together also known as JoshLia. During the contract signing and afterwards, storycon, Kris was so pushy about Joshua being real sweetheart to Julia, a situation not yet confirmed in media but was seen by most in real life. Physically, she even pulled Josh to Julia’s side which triggered excitement among the witnesses to the occasion.

“I am huge fan of these two people. I’ve been watching their films to see the magic why people are attracted to them,” said Aquino who underscored the film “Love You to the Stars and Back” which JoshLia headlined last year and directed by Antoinette Jadaone.

It was a self-imposed assignment on Kris to give and delineate a truthful performance to her role in the movie in the same vein that she loves watching volumes of films, both foreign and local, in private.

According to Kris, it’s quite interesting that she would play a character akin to parenting to her own Joshua, her eldest son by actor Phillip Salvador. It’s also coincidental that both Joshuas were born in the mid-1990s. The verisimilitude between reel and real situations has intrigued Kris no end. It also made Aquino’s decision to accept the offer very spontaneously. That’s why she publicly announced and requested that Joshua the actor asked her mom what kind of environment it was when he was born.

So much so for the trimmings of the storyboard and let’s go back to Kris’ return to ABS-CBN.

It is a celebration for Kris who really wants to still be part of her home media precisely because it seems there’s no love lost between them. Or there might be a spat somewhere but it was resolved in no time at all. It was a mutual understanding of sort. It’s already water under the bridge, so to speak. It was a journey to a reunion.

She’s indispensable, indeed. For how come even the new head of Star Cinema, the equally magnanimous Olivia Lamasan was thankful for Kris accepting the offer. It’s only Kris who could lend justice to the role as the production saw it. And it was an honest-to-goodness choice.

You might say it’s just a movie (which Kris even says it’s a three-month work or something) but it might lead to other realizations of the prodigal daughter conquering anew the boobtube, the arena she’s known for her loquaciousness. Because Aquino is a genuine TV talent—a mix of her body and mind. How many million people are awaiting her television comeback? It’s no mean feat to make it happen and attend to them.

Let’s give Kris what is due her.

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