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Politics rearing its ugly head again in POC

Just when I thought that after the election of Ricky Vargas to the helm of  the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) replacing Peping Cojuangco , I could already look forward to seeing reforms and changes, ultimately, an improvement of Philippine sports, it seems politics  is rearing its ugly head once more.

Actually, not again because politics will always be in sports, but then after reading in the newspapers about a media session hosted by shooting NSA head Chavit Singson aboard his yacht and seeing  who the guests were, like Peping, Julian Camacho and other NSA heads  who are identified with the group of Peping, and hearing talks of an ouster plot by supposedly the old guards at the POC who have been replaced in key positions  by the new POC leadership, and sans the perks they used to enjoy, and being made to answer questions on liquidation of funds that are difficult to answer for some,  I feel  politics is really at work again.

I had a talk with POC Deputy Sec-Gen Karen Tanchanco Caballero, one of the new faces in the POC leadership. She told me that in the then forthcoming POC Executive Board meeting, they expect it to be a lively one, and that is putting it mildly, because  the main agenda would be about  finances including funds of the POC that have not been liquidated with the International Olympic Committee’s affiliate Olympic Solidarity, while from the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) side, September 28 has been set as deadline  for all NSAs with pending liquidations to complete the process with PSC, otherwise, all funding requests in the future of NSAs involved will be held.

I have yet to see what will happen when the POC holds its General Assembly on September 28, also the deadline to liquidate, but for the POC executive Board meeting, nothing official came out for the simple reason that there was no quorum on that date, the reason — absences, and guess who were absent, Peping, Joey Romasanta and Julian Camacho, among others.

This is politics at work and something that Ricky is up against. He has to contend with the current legal processes and protocols in the POC and among the NSAs, whether he likes it or not, and the old guards  are also aware of this, they could absent themselves from the Executive Board meeting but they can attend the media session with Chavit?

Anyway, Chavit was quoted as saying he will reach out to Ricky’s camp and take up with the latter the concerns being raised by some old NSA heads. How Ricky will react, I still do not know but my personal take on this, there is indeed something afoot about a possible coup against Ricky  with the old guards perhaps bidding to return to power.

But will they succeed?

It seems Chavit is not totally sold on the idea of another election to oust Ricky in turn and wants to parlay with the current leadership first.

And so let us wait for the next chapter of the never-ending Philippine sports telenovela.

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