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Rufo Sanchez returns to Cebu after contract dispute

Two days after Davao snagged the Younghusband Brothers from Manila, it was Cebu’s turn to drop a PFL transfer bomb on Tuesday as the club announced the re-signing of striker Rufo Sanchez. 

Sanchez makes a return to Cebu four years after his initial stint there was cut short following a contract dispute with Laguna.

Sanchez first played local pro football for Laguna, lifting the club to the 2012 UFL and UFL Cup titles, but his surprise move to Cebu the year after became highly controversial after Laguna barred the transfer from happening, forcing him to move to Thailand, where his career flourished.

Discussions among football fans and pundits on where he will end up began just as news began to swirl that the former Spanish third division player is in the Philippines, with one source baring to PNA that Ilocos was his likely destination. Ilocos, when asked by PNA, denied that it signed Sanchez.

It is unsure, however, if Sanchez will debut for Cebu as the club faces Manila on Wednesday at the Rizal Memorial Stadium at 4 p.m.

Manila will be playing for the first time sans their longtime ex-skippers, who played their last game with the club on Saturday ironically against Davao in a 3-2 road win.

Joining Sanchez as Cebu’s new signings are former Davao player Dominic Del Rosario and former UST standout Darryl Regala.

“[They’re] good additions for Global [Cebu]. We need players who can put the ball forward fast,” said skipper Misagh Bahadoran. PNA

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