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Ryan Cayabyab replaces Lea Salonga as main star of state art center golden anniversary

Arsenio J. Lizaso, better known as Nick Lizaso, filmmaker, stage actor and director and TV personality is frustrated he wasn’t able to get the services of international singer and performer Lea Salonga to be the special main attraction in the celebration of the fiftieth year of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), the country premier art center.

Being the President of the state art and cultural center, he was excited to have planned and invited Lea to be the main star of the golden year of the agency.

“Lea Salonga is the embodiment of the success of arts in the Philippines. She is able to prove that a Filipino artist is world class. She is able to shine in the international stage. That is why I want her to be the main star of the celebration next year,” said Nick during our exclusive interview with him at his office in CCP.

“Lea is a mixed of a fine art and the popular art,” explained Lizaso who was full of excitement to meet up with Salonga and to talk about her special participation in the year-long celebration.

Sadly, Lea begged off.

This is according to Chris Millado, Vice President and Artistic Director of CCP, in our exclusive interview during the institutional press conference about the CCP 50th anniversary.

“Lea can’t make it to the fiftieth celebration of CCP because of her previous commitment. She was so sorry she wanted to be part of it,” said Millado.

Lizaso had to think of another personality who could equal the intensity and achievements of Lea and Chris revealed it.

“Ryan Cayabyab replaces Lea as the main performer of the golden anniversary,” declared Millado.

It’s regrettable that Lea couldn’t make it because she was also a very major part of the creation of CCP because she had performed a lot of times in the venue especially during her kiddie days. It was also in CCP that the monumental audience for “Miss Saigon,” the Cameron MacKintosh production of the musical that made Lea a world class artist.

But of course, Salonga will be around anytime of the day in any component celebration of the CCP in September 2019.

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