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SAP program to help Philippines social enterprises

By John Aaron Mark Macaraeg 

TAGUIG CITY, July 18 – SAP Concur recently launched a Social Sabbatical program encouraging its employees to help social enterprises focus on their goals and maximize their social impact.

The initiative aims to drive simplicity and customer success for the sector company, strengthen volunteer’s leadership competencies and increase knowledge and intercultural sensitivity of the cross-industry sector.

One of the four social enterprises that joined the program is Messy Bessy, an organization that produces and sells natural cleaning and personal care products.

Messy Bessy joined the program to address the lack of cohesiveness in their accounting, a function that is essential for them since they manage the records of their products as well as doing other operational processes manually.

Social sabbatical volunteers from SAP Concur Philippines help by appointing data owners, maintaining and owning data updates needed, building online order forms, and creating an excel network to synergize functions in the enterprise’ processes.

Krie Lopez, founder of Messy Bessy, expressed her gratitude to the program saying it was a great experience and they have learned so much. She also added that because of the program they were able to reduce redundancies and became more efficient with their time so that they could focus on what really matter in their work.

Supporting the unsung heroes of our unsung heroes

A crowd-funding platform that connects individuals to help finance farmers, also participated in the social sabbatical. Cropital was founded by Ruel Amparo, Rachel de Villa, and Lester Wayne Pile, who serve as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Chief Finance Officer (CFO) respectively. They realized that the Philippines is largely an agricultural country yet farmers live on the marginal line – a reality that posed as a challenge to them.

“Our business model revolves around providing users to investors an opportunity to directly impact the lives of our unsung heroes while still growing their money. By joining our community, we provide local farmers a chance to continue producing crops and have better life,” said Amparo.

Through the social enterprise, a community of investors called “impactmakers” was formed so that farmers can have access to scalable and sustainable financing.

Aside from Messy Bessy and Cropital, there are other two notable social enterprises that participated in this year’s SAP Social Sabbatical. One is Edukasyon.ph, an Edtech startup that connects millions of students to educational opportunities through an online platform. The other is YGOAL, a consultancy service specializing on project development, training, and impact assessment to find solutions to their specific business challenges.

Since the Social Sabbatical for local engagement was launched in 2014, SAP has engaged 225 participants in 11 countries across 4 continents, and has invested 37,000 skills-based volunteering hours.

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