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Search for tourist destinations in Philippines to solve the advent of AI

It may not be a novel idea anymore to search for natural beauty spots around the Philippines because popular media especially free TV is replete with travel shows and arts and culture discoveries untapped by just ordinary finders. It seems they already have the monopoly of the exclusive full production coverage of the gems. There may be lucky questers of rare beauty sites but where do they show and ventilate their finds.

So, are there still undiscovered future tourist destinations in the county?

TayoNa Pilipinas, Inc., a tourism advocate still believes there are many untouched magical sights in the Philippines so it recently launched “Visit my Bayan” contest, a competition among discoverers of beauty spots in the land their photos to be uploaded in cyber for the world to see. “The primary goal of the search is to discover and enhance awareness of municipalities/cities with tourism potentials, promote lesser known tourist destinations in our country and provide opportunity to develop and enhance them by local and foreign investors, in order to stimulate economic activities throughout the countryside,” said Atty. Arthur Corpuz, the org Chairman.

According to Corpuz, the contest would also support the employment alternative to the disruption of labor forces especially the OFWs and BPO workers due to the advent of “Artificial Intelligence” (AI).

“If the robots will take over in most of the jobs humans do abroad or in call centers, we can earn from selling our tourist spots,” added Corpuz.

Because it is a tourism advocacy, Vivere Hotel in Alabang Muntinlupa City has joined the bandwagon. “I am in the hospitality business and to say that I am interested in tourism would be an understatement. The fact is, I am extremely passionate about tourism. That is why I am immersed in my work at Vivere Hotel. After all, hospitality, the service every hotel offers is one of the legs on which tourism stands,” gushed Elvie Sanchez-Quiazon, General Manager of the hotel and President of Philippine Chamber of Commerce MCI Muntinlupa. Being a partner in this endeavor, Sanchez-Quiazon aimed to promote “pride of place” and get all Filipinos and visitors from foreign lands to discover countless other beautiful destinations we can enjoy and be proud of.

With the partnership of the Department of Tourism, all municipalities and cities will be invited to participate by uploading a must-see “tourist spots” in the website www.tayonapilipinas.ph/visitmybayan. Voting for each entry will also be done in the digital platform.

LGUs must also campaign for their respective “discories.” Submission of entries is ongoing until April 30, 2019.

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