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The alleviation of the perennial traffic problem in Metro Manila is among the things expected to be given due course once the flagship projects approved by Neda get underway. TMM FILE PHOTO

Study shows ride-sharing services can keep a million private cars off Metro Manila roads

Transport-network company Uber said ride-sharing services can reduce the volume of private vehicles on Metro Manila roads by about a million, easing traffic congestion in the metropolis.

Uber recently commissioned a Boston Consulting Group survey in 10 Asian cities to compare benefits of ride sharing in the region, and underscored that in Manila, there would be a reduction of as many as a million private vehicles if the idea of completely relying on ride-sharing would continue gaining traction.

“With ride sharing, personal-car needs of Manila residents could be met with one-third of private cars we have today—that’s almost a million fewer vehicles,” said Laurence Cua, general manager of Uber Philippines.

Uber said its service is not meant to supplant public modes of transport, but private vehicles for personal use.

This is consistent with the result of the Boston Consulting Group study, which concluded that ride sharing should be seen as a substitute to private vehicles and not public transport.

Also, in a survey, 71 percent of Metro Manila residents already consider ride-sharing services as an alternative to owning a car, Cua added.

Manila residents still cover the most number of miles in their travels via public transport. The study said 51 percent of total kilometers traveled annually are still via public transportation. Private cars, as a mode of transportation, landed at second place. Ride sharing, meanwhile, at the moment, takes up only 5 percent of the total miles traveled by commuters in a year.

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