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The problem with Mocha’s statements not to apologize to Kris Aquino

There is more to texts, subtexts and contexts of what Presidential Communications Group Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson when she refused to apologize to Kris Aquino for uploading a video clip of the late senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. being kissed by girls enplaned before his assassination in 1983 virtually juxtaposed with the visual of President Rodrigo Duterte kissing on lips a female OFW in South Korea.

The social media semiotic of the clips especially of the Ninoy vid sent Kris running amuck against Mocha and spilt her angry beans about the latter’s many unsavory comments versus the Aquinos she said she let them all pass.

There’s more to them than meets the eye, as she enumerated as many instances as possible like reopening the old wounds of a twelve-year old kid who lost her dad mercilessly, Mocha’s tirades against her family etc. But this time, Kris finally put her best foot forward: “Enough is enough.”

The Queen of All Media has challenged the Assistant Secretary to a showdown and eventually asked an apology from Mocha, a request Kris had coursed through Bong Go, President Duterte’s eyes and ears who together with his boss had already apologized to the former presidential sister.

But Uson is adamant: “I won’t apologize for the truth. This is not about you, Ms. Kris Aquino.”

Surely, the video clips which involved Ninoy and Digong have no direct reference to Kris but the filial instincts have stirred her no end.

Not only that.

Kris is a citizen of the land and as a Filipino, she is entitled to think, weigh things, decide and act especially on familial matters—for them emanate a lot—for the better not only of her but of the whole nation as well even if she’s not at all the complete patriotic lady, actress, mom, producer, daughter, friend, worker etc of this country.

The uploaded videos are also representatives and stimuli of the feelings and thoughts of any Aquino or any sympathizer or objective observer of whatever he or she would them give meanings to like besmirching the memories of their dead, particularly Ninoy and Cory.

That is a cultural given in our society. The family is the most significant unit of all peoples in this country.

This case isn’t only of national import or show biz issue because both Kris and Mocha are entertainers, culture vultures far and between their being social animals and political selves.

Kris and Mocha, to infer about it, are also you and me.

They are members of the quotidian as every one of us so how come the issue isn’t about Mocha alone? It is also Kris’. It is also us.

Let us review the videos and however complex and far-ranging the implications are we are accomplices, in one way or the other, to the truth of it.

Let us analyze the videos and ponder on the circumstances and persons involved in them whether they are ubiquitous or behind the scenes.

It is only through an objective reality that we can apologize or not for the truth.

This is mass media and it is show business.

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