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(Left)Andrea del Rosario,(Right)Danielle Castaño

The world is too small for Andrea del Rosario and Danielle Castaño

By Boy Villasanta

Who would ever think that the worlds of two beauty queens Andrea del Rosario and Danielle Castaño would ever be at par with each other?

Being as it may, there are indications, though, of their similarities and parallelisms.

Both are products of Binibining Pilipinas beauty contest—Andrea, once a finalist and Danielle, once a first runner-up but eventually became Binibining Pilipinas-World in the process when the former title holder Janina San Miguel resigned from her post in 2008.

Both of them have affiliations with Viva Entertainment then and now. Del Rosario was one of the erstwhile members of Viva Hot Babes while Castaño is currently a contract star of the company.

Both Andrea and Danielle in physical forms are truly Filipina beauties especially their brown skin and exotic looks.

Most interestingly, both of them have a common Garcia boyfriend. Del Rosario is playing sweet music with internationally famous polo player Anthony Garcia while Danielle is romancing his younger brother Andrian Garcia.

They are foursome.

Andrea and Danielle know one another and they are perfectly civil and friendly with each other.

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