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Beep cards also have other uses than train payment.

Upbeat on wider beep card use

Beep card company AF Payments Inc. is optimistic about its plans to expand beyond railways and food chains and reach more public utility vehicle (PUV) operators.

AF Payments President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Maher said his firm was looking to partner with more jeepney and bus operators and carpark managers, as well as retail companies.

“We are working with the point-to-point (P2P) [bus companies] and other EDSA [bus] operators. We are talking to PNR (Philippine National Railways),” he said.

AF Payments is also looking to team up with firms in the provinces, including Bukidnon, Iloilo and Cebu, after gaining a foothold in General Santos City via the Husky Tours buses there.

AF Payments Inc. said it would launch in mid-2019 a loyalty rewards program that is part of the improvement of its Beep app.

Under this program, Beep card users will now earn reward points for every transaction they make with the card.

Over 1 billion transactions have been made with the Beep card this year, according to the company.

Approximately 5 million Beep cards are being used for the Metro RailTransit 3, and Light Rail Transit 1 and 2, as well as convenience store FamilyMart and food chains Auntie Anne’s, Wendy’s and Binalot.

AF Payments has partnered with Ty-led Property Company of Friends Inc. in offering Beep-enabled resident identification cards for access to transportation to, from and within the latter’s Lancaster New City and Bellefort Estates in Cavite province, as well as entry to their key facilities.

It also teamed up with St. Jude Catholic School in allowing students to buy cash-free from merchants inside the campus and avail themselves of student discounts when riding in Beep-equipped PUVs.

The company also has partnerships with China Banking Corp., EON and Coins.ph.

AF Payments is a joint venture company of Metro Pacific Investments Corp. and Ayala Corp.

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