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Xian Lim is worth watching as a film director

Actor Xian Lim has embarked into a new endeavor—being a filmmaker.

From a matinee idol to a film director, Xian is serious into conquering the world of an comprehensive filmmaking as the captain of the ship of a film project such as “Tabon,” an official entry to the 2019 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) and Cinemalaya Foundation, Inc.

His interest in Cinemalaya has been roused ever since he started his acting career some ten years ago.

And he seems to go full circle when he was launched in the local show business in a Cinemalaya film title “2 Funerals” directed by the late prizewinning director Gil Portes in 2010. “It’s a comeback to Cinemalaya,” said Xian in a recent exclusive interview at the Dream Theater (Tanghalang Manuel Conde of CCP).

From among the many hopefuls who auditioned in the coveted role of a young man who was exposed to the intricacies of life in the middle of an interchanged funeral wakes, Lim stood out as the passer to tackle the character meticulously shaped up by its writer, award-winning scriptwriter Eric Ramos and creatively carried out and demanded by Gil from his star which the newbie delivered successfully.

From there on, the promise wasn’t wasted. Xian became the sought after upstart who was immediately signed up by Star Magic of ABS-CBN.

Looking for a screen partner for the then solo young star Kim Chiu after her reel and real romantic breakup with fellow actor Gerald Anderson, Lim was teamed up with the petite yet multifaceted Filipino-Chinese girl which their reel love ended up in a real romance.

Acting isn’t Xian’s only passion. Music, strumming the guitar particularly, is also his inclination. Composing ditties is a penchant as well. Writing, although came in lately, has been egging on him.

“I wanted to express my thoughts and feelings. I wanted to write them. I also wanted to do scripts so I started writing them on my own sweet time,” revealed Lim.

Yet he wanted a professional look at his work so he approached award-winning screenwriter Ricardo Lee, better known as Ricky Lee and consulted with him. In as much as Ricky has been conducting scriptwriting seminars and workshops Xian didn’t leave the stone unturned he eventually enrolled himself in the Writers Studio, an org which spearhead the Ricardo Lee free screenwriting session.

“Ricky advised me a lot about my writing so I felt happy about it,” Lim quipped.

Until joining the Cinemalaya Full-Length category crossed his mind because he was confident his material has promise so he beat the deadline two years ago and was qualified in a shortlist section. Finally, he got the final nod of the selection committee and he was eventually announced as one of the finalists to the division in the 14th Cinemalaya.

Everyone was excited and interested to keep track of Xian’s journey into filmmaking—not as an actor but as a director.

It is indeed a worthwhile wait to see what Xian can offer to the movie-going public. Will he be as versatile as anyone or he just concentrates on acting?

Let’s wait and see.

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