2023 Metro Manila Film Festival snubs films of Nora Aunor

How could films of a National Artist for Film and Broadcast Arts be snubbed by the 2023 Metro Manila Film Festival?

More than that, how could the so-called Queen of MMFF for her consistent box-office hits and ubiquitous presence in the past in the same fest be set aside by its current Selection Committee? 

To think that the producers of her films fielded them during the deadline set for the selection of the final four slots in the initial Magic 8 circle.

But the verdict has been delivered.

National Artist, Superstar and MMFF Box-Office Star Nora Aunor albeit in the millennium was taken for granted by the committee headed by producer Jesse Ejercito.

The plant Begonia noraaunorae (Photo Credit: Rodel Ocampo Fernando)

Alternative Vision’s “Pieta” and BC Entertainment’s “Mananambal” both starred in by Nora and both directed by Adolf Slix, Jr. were dumped by the body.

Initially, Aunor fans took the decision with sadness and desperation especially among netizens but after consoling them with encouragement from supporters of the actress they began to give in to the judgement of the comittee.

The latest news that their idol’s name was adapted to scientifically identify a new botanical discovery, Noranians and other sympathizers of the actress shifted interest on science.

In the new issue of the journal Phytotaxa, a new found specie of plant endemic in Surigao del Sur in Mindanao was named after Ate Guy.

Begonia noraunorae (section Petermannia Begoniceae) is the new botanical name of the plant.

Meanwhile, here is the complete list of the official entries in this year’s MMFF.

Two films were added to the initial Magic 8  thus making it Magic 10 which included the first four entries chosen last July based on the merits of their scripts, namely “(K)Ampon” which stars Beauty Gonzales and Derek Ramsay;  “Rewind” which features Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes both directed by King Palisoc; “Pedro Penduko” which showcases Matteo Guidicelli, Kylie Padilla and Albert Martinez directed by Jason Paul Laxamana and “A Family of Two (A Mother and Son Story” which top bills Sharon Cuneta and Alden Richards directed by Nuel Naval.

The six final slots announced on Tuesday based on their finished products went to “Gomburza” which highlights Enchong Dee and Dante Rivero directed by Pepe Diokno; “Mallari” which presents Piolo Pascual in the title rike directed by Derick Cabrido; “Becky and Badette” which pits the comic talents of Eugene Domingo and Pokwang directed by Jun Robles Lana; “Firefly” which stars Alessandra de Rossi etc. directed by Zig Dulay; “Broken Hearts Trip” which features Christian Bables and Teejay Marquez directed by Lemuel Lorca and “When I Met You in Tokyo” which top bills Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon directed by Rado Peru and Rommel Penesa.

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