Acer Named One of Forbes’ World’s Top Companies for Women

Acer has been recognized for the second consecutive year on Forbes’ list of the World’s Top Companies for Women in 2023. The company climbed in the rankings from 291 to 259 and placed 12th in the Semiconductors, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Technology Hardware & Equipment category.

Forbes surveyed 70,000 women across 37 territories in partnership with Statista. Evaluation criteria included workplace practices, gender pay equity, handling of discrimination complaints, and equal opportunities.

In the Philippines, Sue Ong-Lim leads Acer’s workforce of 139 employees as Managing Director. She joined Acer in 2009 as a Senior Sales Executive and was promoted to her current role this year.

As a leader, Ong-Lim approaches her role with a business focus while also relating personally to Acer’s employees, partners, and customers. Under her leadership, Acer has achieved 34.7% and 39% market share in the consumer and gaming notebook segments in the Philippines, respectively. She attributes this success to Acer’s decades-long efforts to build and strengthen its brand through consistent sales, marketing, and customer service.

Ong-Lim credits her vision and thirst for learning as keys to her success. She believes leaders must always maintain a growth mindset, even when achieving great success. She also notes that her gender has not hindered her leadership in this predominantly male industry.

“I believe in equality and inclusivity, and that an organization’s people – regardless of gender – is what make it special and successful,” Ong-Lim said.

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