Aicelle Santos and daughter Zandrine (Photo Credit: Aicelle Santos’ Facebook)

Aicelle Santos: Heavy with childbut still sings to the world

Music knows no size of a woman.

Whether one is big or small, music will always be an inspiration to the female specie to go on with life no matter her shape, literally and figuratively, especially with loving people around her.

Such is the case of singer and actress Aicelle Santos.

Despite her being heavy with child, Aicelle is making the most of it.

It is because she has a dear husband, Mark Zambrano, a broadcaster, who takes care of her 24/7 and a young daughter, Zandrine, the couple’s first-born who inspiires her to the fullest.

According to Santos, she and Mark are preparing Zandrine for a playschool tyke learning this school year.

What makes Aicelle comfortably happier is her continuous musical performances in spite of her condition.

She is six-month on the family way yet she managed to attend rehearsals at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Annex which is not a near venue from her residence.

It was part of her participation in the concert gala “Anywhere We Sing Is Home” held Saturday and yesterday at the Samsung Performing Theater at Circuit Makati.

Santos was a pivotal performer in the whow because of her internatiinal stage misucals that brought honors to the country.

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