Thursday , 18 April 2024

ArenaPlus joins locals as they celebrate 26th Kadalag-an Festival

ArenaPlus, your 24/7 sports betting app, maintains its roles as a champion of the local entertainmentment scene by bringing entertainment and fun-filled the 26th Kadalag-an Festival in Victorias City, Negros Occidental.

Held last March 21 to 24, 2024, the 26th Kadalag-an Festival received ArenaPlus’ full support as a platinum sponsor in bringing quality entertainment to the Negrenses. The brand provided several avenues for festival-goers to enjoy the weekend and create memorable experiences.

ArenaPlus installed an interactive booth at Sidlak Victorias Global City, where booth-visitors received premium merchandise and had the chance to win prizes from playing Spin the Wheel and Roll the Dice. To add more fun and entertainment, ArenaPlus also brought Tony Labrusca and Elyson De Dios to perform for an audience. Similarly, the audience was invited to play games and win prizes on stage.

In addition, ArenaPlus made sure to take part in one of the festival’s main events: the Miss Kadalag-an Queen 2024. The brand joined the coronation night last March 22 and awarded Ammeline Alegarbes, one of the pageant’s overall Top 5 candidates, Php 20,000 for winning the Miss ArenaPlus Kadalag-an Queen 2024 title. Jasper Vicencio, President of ArenaPlus’ personally congratulated Alegarbes as he handed the prize.

ArenaPlus continues to work with local organizers to bring more entertainment to various parts of the Philippines, regardless of how far the event and their communities are from the Metro. This effort extends to Visayas-based celebrations like the 26th Kadalag-an Festival in Negros Occidental, solidifying ArenaPlus’ dedication to developing entertainment all over the country.

BingoPlus and ArenaPlus proudly stand as flagship brands under Digiplus Interactive Corp., solidifying its position as a leading gaming and leisure provider in the country. For more updates, visit and or download the apps now via the App Store and Google Play.

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