Buy a Malayan Travel Master conveniently on the GCash app

With more Filipinos pushing through with their overseas and inbound travel plans, there has been a significant need for travel insurance policies that cover both trip cancellations and medical requirements. This demand has prompted Malayan Insurance Co. Inc. to partner with GCash in offering their Travel Master insurance policy through the GInsure platform.

Through the partnership, would-be travelers can easily apply, pay, and receive a copy of Malayan’s comprehensive Travel Master policy by submitting the required travel and personal information on the GInsure platform. This digital application expedited processing time since clients can immediately pay premiums using the GCash wallet and then receive email confirmations of their e-policies. 

Malayan’s Travel Master with Covid-19 comprehensive coverage protects policyholders from the financial burden of unexpected travel problems, accidents, or ailments, such as Covid-19, during the trip. It is also one of the first Philippine-based travel policies with Covid-19 medical coverage that Shengen and IATF accepted. 

Travel Master can be availed by those traveling from or to the Philippines for a maximum of 90 days. It can also be used for trips within the country that are at least 100 miles or 150 kilometers from the client’s registered residence. The policy covers individuals aged one to 75 years, while those above 75 may be considered upon further evaluation. 

For as low as ₱1,190 for worldwide travel or ₱950 for domestic trips lasting one to four days, policyholders are assured of emergency medical assistance, cashless hospitalization and follow-up care for foreign trips, hospital cash allowance, and assistance during the trip. Clients are also relieved of the burden of personal liability in the event of third-party bodily injury or property damage, plus referrals to a local legal counsel.

Policyholders can also quickly recoup their travel expenses should they experience flight delays, emergency trip cancellation or termination, lost baggage or cash, baggage delays or destroyed checked-in luggage, and other inconveniences. 
To avail of a Travel Master using Gcash, simply go to the app’s GInsure and tap the Travel Master with Covid-19 icon. Fill up the form, pay with Gcash, and wait for the confirmatory email. To learn more about Travel Master, email or visit

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