Points of View & Perspectives

July, 2016

  • 10 July

    The summer of our discontent

    There is an intensifying insurgency. The planets are aligning and, at least timeline-wise, we may have been the first to start a popular uprising against unfeeling and alienated authorities, insensitive and callous bureaucrats and unresponsive and incompetent governments. 

  • 10 July

    Fancy meeting you at the opera

    Rushing into the University of Columbia’s Chan Performing Arts Centre lobby for my first cultural evening a few years ago, I waded through wafts of perfume and brushed my arm against the silk sleeves of an opera crowd in frantic search of Jan, the friend who got for us tickets to Rusalka, Antonín Dvoák’s widely performed work. 

  • 10 July

    Fr. Jun Evasco: political genius

    Father Jun is Leoncio Evasco Jr., former mayor of Maribojoc, Bohol, who first hit the headlines in 2013 when he took a brave stand against the Red Cross’s attempt to muddle up the distribution system for relief goods in his then earthquake-ravaged town.

  • 10 July

    Palace: Mandatory drug testing for government personnel aims to regain lost public trust

    Malacanang Spokesman Ernesto Abella said the Palace favors mandatory drug testing for government employees to regain the trust of the public. 

  • 3 July

    Intolerance in the ‘Land of Freedom’

    Flowers, balloons and candles are placed under the sIgnage of the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, where 49 people were massacred and scores wounded on June 12. It's considered the worst mass shooting in American History (Photo: Daniel Ruyter via Flickr)

    New York City—It is something else to watch CNN International or Fox News in the comfort of a Filipino home across the vast Pacific, protected on our eastern flank by a great ocean, and on our western shores by several seas and continents, creating a physical barrier that allows our myopic infatuation with local politics to insulate us from world …

  • 3 July

    The taste of millions or even billions

    Like me, most people perceive billionaires as simply waving a hand for their whims to materialize; whatever they do hardly figures in thought. And because the senses, especially of sight, translate wealth by sheer magnitude or sheen, it finds equivalents in everyday things.

  • 3 July

    Will Duterte admin stand up to Manny Pangilinan?

    Is businessman Manuel V. Pangilinan gearing up for a head-on collision with the newly installed administration of President Rody Duterte?

  • 3 July

    Elitist politics and economics—the real Aquino legacy

    Toward the end of its six years in office, the Aquino administration boasted of its “legacy of inclusive growth.” Indeed, for its neoliberal thrusts, the previous administration may have achieved certain economic outcomes.

June, 2016

  • 26 June

    Flatulence and the inflated market

    New York City—The Dow (Dow Jones Industrial Average) continues to fall. But it is far from that critical 14,000 level where it starts to affect the Philippine bourse. Far from it.

  • 26 June

    Finally naming the flower

    We pooled around the receptionist’s desk, fanning our distress and stirring each other’s sorrow over the impending loss of a bush. Higher-ups had decided that its lushness—leaves so tight together no breath could penetrate, flowers so open a woman easily sees in it her own bareness—started to harm instead of lend some joy.