Chain reaction on Blockchain’s computer games’ neo-financial system

Have you heard of the word “blockchain”?

“Blockchain,” says Wikipedia, is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack or cheat the system.

It is a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems.

In other words, the contents, infinite of them, are chained. Contents as products range from entertainment like movies or mobile and computer games to simply, financial savings engaged in blockchain.

In other words, the Philippine Blockchain 2022 held at the Marriot Grand Ballroom at Newport World Resorts spoke of the new social, political, economic, cultural etc. order.

“It’s just like forming a new government,” quipped Anon Ozaeta, a UP graduate who initially cut her teeth in the travel industry and later as a film producer. In more ways than one, Anon said it’s introducing a new system, a financial system at that. Banks, for instance, don’t matter anymore because in blockchain, you create a more open, trustworthy mechanism shared by all depositors, nay, investors, who are able to see all their money, for instance, its interests, investments etc. without conditions. 

Anon described the gathering at Marriot as something surreal. It was a convention of a diversified digitally savvy generation who is ready to explore novel ideas practically anything under the sun.

One of the features of the event is the crypto financing system or digital assets, like buying bitcoin in its respective amount.

American Yonatan Belik who hosted the show, with blockchain adherent multinational Sonya Mulkeet, said that he’s a vlogger who sees the importance of cryptic savings for his young family. He said that after ten years, he and wife were recently and finally blessed with a child. “For the future of our child,” he exclaimed, they invest in crypto finance which is advantageous for young family content like his.

“Even playing mobile games can be converted into cash,” Belik shared. “Mobile Legends” is one game to earn money if it is within the blockchain structure.  

Blockchain is the new Web 3, a financial cyber whereas Web 1 are computers as IBM while Web 2 are social media like email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. 

Everyone is indeed gaga over blockchain. 


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