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Driveable destinations

Filipino culture is closely rooted in colorful fiestas and festivals, like Masskara and Sinulog. These celebrations attract both locals and foreigners, manifesting our penchant for lively public gathering and parties.

Some Philippine festivals can be reached by car from Metro Manila, offering a chance for an authentic cultural experience.

Pahiyas festival. Happening in Lucban, Quezon, locals display handcrafted paper mache giants in vibrant costumes, carried by oath-makers as a thanksgiving tradition. The event features dances, marching bands, and concludes with a fiery paper mache bull running through the town plaza.

Pasa-Pasa Ikaw Festival. Observed in Camarines Sur, the festival pays tribute to St. Rose of Lima, Pasacao’s patron saint. It highlights the town’s historical significance through Pasacao Port, a vital 16th Century link to Manila. The festival’s pinnacle is the Grand Civic Parade.

Tsinelas Festival. This festival in Gapan, Nueva Ecija celebrates the city’s renowned product – humble slippers/flip-flops. Gapan is known as the Tsinelas Capital for its wide distribution of these products. The festival aligns with Gapan’s cityhood anniversary.

Ibalong Festival. Locals in Legazpi City, Albay honors the Ibalong Epic, narrating Bicol’s mythical beginnings. Participants don masks and costumes resembling epic characters for vibrant street parades. Visitors can engage in contests, concerts, cultural displays, and markets..

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