Friday , 19 April 2024
Emirates Airbus A380

Emirates still hopes to hike flights to Philippines

By Hananeel Bordey

Emirates Airline said it is open to continue air service talks between United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Philippines to add more flights between the two countries.

Satish Sethi, Emirates’ country manager in the Philippines, is optimistic the stalled air talks on increasing flight capacity from Dubai to Manila can be resumed soonest.

The United Arab Emirates-based airline is celebrating nine years of operating the Airbus A380 aircraft. The 100th A380 of Emirates is expected to be delivered within 2017.

“We want extra flights to Manila. We also understand that the airport (NAIA) has its constraints. We had some proposals and we have been also keen, not just to have more flights but we also on operating the Airbus 380 here in Manila. We can fly more passengers with the A380, but again every change has to be operationally sound, operationally safe and it should be in line with the government’s policies and regulations. It’s under review, we are very happy to serve more Filipinos,” said Sethi in a press briefing last September 14.

Due to limitations at the NAIA, the Emirates’ A380 could not immediately operate in Manila, but the carrier hopes they can work with the Philippine government.

The Emirates currently flies from Dubai to Cebu and Cebu to Clark before returning to Dubai.

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