Waste materials like used plastic, aluminum, bottle, and paper are utilized to create modern pieces of furniture. Waste products can also be used to create building materials.

Fashioning beautiful pieces of furniture, building materials out of waste

The Philippines currently ranks third in the world as a plastic polluter of the ocean. 

This is due to lack of information and education, insufficient recycling systems, and scarcity of funds to properly address the problem. Plastic waste pollution continues to damage our ecosystem. 

A lot of companies have shifted to infusing plastic waste into their products to create furniture pieces and construction materials.

One such firm is Apha Distinct Development Solutions Inc., a 100% Filipino-owned company established in 2007.  

Its mission is to empower Filipinos to improve their lives by creating cause-oriented projects, products, and programs showcasing Filipino ingenuity, creativity, and values.

Michelle Bautista-Tanada, Executive Vice President of Alpha DDSI, realizes the noble objective by developing WASTO Waste Solutions wherein they utilize single-used plastics by infusing them in their product line for schools, homes, offices, parks, farms, and markets.

She contributes to the cause through environmental and socio-civic endeavors as president of Balikatan Sa Kaunlaran National Foundation, Heirs of the World Inc., and advocacy partner of Miss Earth Foundation and the Philippine Coast Guard. 

Her husband, Noel Ignatus F. Tanada, serves as the president and CEO as well as the artist and designer of Alpha DDSI.

Following in the footsteps of his late grandfather, Senator Lorenzo M. Tanada, Noel also established under Alpha DDSI, the Tanglaw Solar and Ecohomeart to provide livelihood for the marginal sector.

Noel used to teach Furniture Design at the De La Salle University- Benilde and is part of the Board of Trustees as VP for Education for the Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines. 

He has several patents on innovative & sustainable products registered under his name. He is now collaborating with DOST’s ITDI & PTRI to develop science & technology- based climate innovations. 

The wife and husband team under Alpha DDSI, has used shampoo sachets and junk food packets, which commonly clog waterways and endanger the ecosystem, to fashion modern, stylish, and classy furniture.

WASTO Waste Solutions also utilizes plastic, aluminum, and paper waste to create modern pieces of furniture that are termite, water, and fire-resistant.

The Tanada couple is now looking to make use of agricultural waste for their future building and property projects.

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