Joscephine Gomez: Let not physical disabilities impede one’s creativity and artistry

When she was a little girl, Joscephine Gomez contracted a rare eye disease—retinoblastoma which occurs among children aged from birth to six years old.

From then on, Joscephine was an unusual person who wouldn’t be reduced to self-pity.

“I would always fight for my right as an individual even if I was still a small girl,” she recalled.

Gomez persevered with the help of her family but she later went on as an independently motivated lady.

She embarked on so many fields—singing, painting, dancing, acting, directing, teaching, mentoring spirituality, among so many pursuits.

She has proven she can do all things with passion and equality.

At the moment, she is the Founder and President of World Fine Arts Society—Winners Circle which is the organizer in tomorrow’s art exhibit at the Dry Brush Gallery in SM North EDSA at 3 pm.

Seven of its members will participate in a unique rendition of artistic inclinations extolling the beauty of nature and environment.    

Billed as “Greener Earth,” the art show, according to Joscephine, is an expression of artists like her who are always in awe of nature’s aesthetic appeal and its beneficial effects on humans and other sentient beings.

The group will present some of their best works in a show that aims to promote environmental and cancer awareness. 

This painting show also aims to raise funds for the costly treatment and constant monitoring of their fellow artist Josie Centeno Paynor, who is afflicted with stage 3 breast cancer.

The other exhibitors are: Esther Garcia, Ovidio Espiritu, Alvin Montano, Gavin Olarte, Eric David and Paynor. 

Let’s focus first on Joscephine who is probably the only Filipino artist who paints with one eye covered, Gomez studied briefly with top Filipino painters Gig de Pio, Joe Datuin and a Spanish horse painter and teacher of equestrianship from Andalucia, Spain, who passed on to her his knowhow and skill in horse painting. 

Gomez’s works have impressed her audience with their capacity to evoke feelings of tranquility and calm. Her gardens, fields, forests, mountains, waterfalls, trees and flowers are remarkable in their composition, precision with detail and unique color harmony.

She has had 6 solo exhibits and 55 group shows. 

She has also participated in international virtual group exhibitions in Hungary, Argentina India and Costa Rica. She has received 81 awards from various international art groups and her paintings have appeared in two international poetry anthologies.

Apart from being a visual artist, Gomez, dubbed as the Philippines’ renaissance woman, has authored and has been running since 1991 seminars-workshops for Executive Development and Training and has, thus, trained hundreds of corporate executives, architects, lawyers, doctors, educators, training and sales professionals.

She is a co-author of four books and the editor of five books. Her poems have been published in 13 international anthologies and 2 literary journals. 

Gomez, a solo classical concert singer and a professional speaker, pioneered Voice Therapy and Rehabilitation in the Philippines as an allied medical profession. 

Gomez is a theater actor and a film and stage director.

She is the Philippines’ longest cancer survivor.

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