Thursday , 18 April 2024

Jovit Baldivino defies doctor’s order not to sing while recuperating

Must an entertainer give in to the clamor of fans to perform even if he/she isn’t feeling well yet?

If anything untoward happens to the performer, is he/she liable in his/her action?

Or should the blame be put on the insistent fans?

This is still the question left hanging as singer Jovit Baldovino recently died of aneurism before he was comatose after he suffered a stroke while singing.

In an official statement from the Baldivino family sent to ABS-CBN broadcast entertainment journalist MJ Felipe thru Jerry Telan, Jovit’s former handler, Hilario “Larry” and Cristeta Baldovino and fiancé Camille Anne Miguel, the singer was already recuperating for a week with hypertension maintenance medicine.

In no time at all, Jovit was invited by a family friend from Batangas City to sing although his doctor advised him not to sing, especially powerful and high-pitched songs which he became famous for. Still, the young Baldivino addressed as “Bundoy” who was dutiful gave in to the clamor of the crowd. He sang three songs including “Faithfully” by Journey.

On his third song, Jovit was already gasping for breath.

After an hour of sitting, said the statement, Jovit’s face was deformed with flowing saliva. He was then rushed to a nearest ER at Nazareth of Jesus Hospital on December 3, 2022 at around 10 pm.

CTscan showed a blood clot in the brain (sign of aneurysm). 100cc of blood was suctioned at 2:00 am on December 4. He was comatose for five days.

Jovit died on December 9 at 4 am. He was 29.

Colleagues of Baldivino expressed their frustrations, regrets and sadness about his sudden demise. “Sana naman, huwag nang pinakanta si Jovit ng kanyang mga tagahanga. Kasi, sinabihan na siya ng kanyang doktor na huwag kumanta habang nagpapagaling. Tao rin naman kaming mga artista, napapagod rin (I hope he wasn’t requested to sing anymore by his fans because his doctor advised him not to sing while recuperating. Artists like us are also human beings who also get sick and tired).

Pag kasi binigo mo ang fans, sasabihin, masama ang ugali mo o suplado ka. Huwag namang gano’n (If fans are thwarted of their requests, they’d say he/she is bad or boastful. Please, don’t treat us like that),” exclaimed actress Cataleya Surio.

Kawawa naman si Jovit. Sana, hindi muna siya kumanta (I pity Jovit. He should have not sung yet),” said fashion czar and designer Albert Figueras.   

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