Metro Distribution Center opens in Santa Rosa City

Metro Retail Stores Group Inc. (MRSGI) celebrated a significant leap forward in its expansion endeavors with the inauguration of a distribution center in Santa Rosa City, Laguna. The ceremony marked not only the commencement of operations at the facility but also a defining moment for MRSGI’s Luzon growth initiative.

Spanning a modern facility of three hectares, the Metro Distribution Center is dedicated to strengthening MRSGI’s supply chain and servicing its current network of stores, laying the groundwork for the company’s ambitious expansion plans in Luzon over the next five years.

Several advanced features enhance the center’s functionality. These include a selective racking system capable of accommodating pallets up to 5 and 7 high, with a total capacity of up to 20,000 pallet positions, optimizing storage efficiency; 20 inbound and outbound docking areas equipped with dock levelers, ensuring seamless loading and unloading operations; and for security, over 130 CCTV cameras and several laser beam smoke detectors, providing comprehensive safety for personnel and inventory.

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