(left)Nora Aunor (Photo Credit: Adolf Alix, Jr.'s Facebook) | (rught) Matet de Leon (Photo Credit: Matet de Leon's Instagram)

Mom Nora vs daughter Matet over dried and smoked fish

Superstar Nora Aunor is still phenomenal and controversial after all these years.


It is the Nora Aunor mystique that draws people to her as if the world has revolved back to its seventh decade ago.

Imagine as frivolous yet commercially marvelous as selling homemade sardines, dried and smoke fish could be a source of controversy between her and adopted daughter Matet de Leon.

According to Matet, she was surprised when she opened her socmed pages in Facebook where she saw the same contents of art cards although in different designs bearing announcement of vending the same products shared to her by a person she said is familiar to all of Nora’s affairs. After looking at the shared items, the former child star called her siblings, elder sister Lotlot de Leon and brother Ian de Leon to report if not solicit sympathy from them.

The mom competing in business against her own daughter is all its message.

De Leon said she was shocked to learn that her mom is a direct threat to her flourishing lifeblood.

This is Aunor’s way of making her presence felt akin to her 1960s hullabaloo when she and love team Tirso Cruz III brought to life a doll named Maria Leonora Theresa as their “daughter.”

It was a collaborative effort of publicizing a very outlandish yet interesting narrative coming from a popular duo as part of market positioning if not gimmick to strengthen a newly formed love team to set the screen ablaze to the shrieks and yells of their ever increasing fandom.

Although Matet sounded amused and amazed by the attitude of her mother, she was hurting inside as it meant an effect on her sales chart. Initially, most of her clients are Noranians, the ardent followers of her mom but then, the introduction of Nora’s tuyo and tinapa could shake up the daughter’s status quo in Estrada’s Kitchen, billed after Matet’s married name.

Again, the issue of Nora adopting as many as four, namely Lotlot, Matet, Kiko and Kenneth de Leon, cropped up.

Matet was saying, more or less, as an adopted kid, she didn’t feel the love of her mom which is also judgmental and baseless.

For La Aunor has the maternal instinct indeed.

Matet, for all her intents and purposes, loves her mother, however surrogate. For God’s sake, her business is at stake so she has to vent her emotions.  

If one knows Ate Guy, how could she, at her stage in life, venture privately into making homemade sardines, drying and smoking fish?

Perhaps on cam’s sake, she could do that but not in her privacy she would rather pray and memorize her lines in a script.

Someone might just have sought Nora’s permission to label a business enterprise after her.

Some quarters in show business said that news orgs shouldn’t get involved in this scandal they find petty but then again, Nora Aunor is a phenomenal star of the cross-section of Philippine society as she is still the symbol of the toiling masses in the economic landscape and her kin like Matet who just want to have a share of the pie.

Entertainment writer Art Tapalla is happy and proud that Vhong Navarro has raised one million pesos (P1M) to bail him out from jail in a rape case filed against him by model and social entrepreneur Deniece Cornejo.

(left)Vhong Navarro | (right)Deniece Cornejo (Photo Credit: Deniece Cornejo’s Facebook)

The cases of acts of lasciviousness and rape stemmed from an incident that happened in 2014 when Vhong was beaten black and blue by Deniece’s friend, businessman Cedric Lee and another accomplice that landed them including Cornejo in prison.

Deniece didn’t take her ordeal sitting down and filed cases of sexual abuse which included the non-bailable rape case which put Navarro behind bars.

We hope this case will remind everyone of respect for human dignity from all quarters.


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