Curiosity brought us to a trending eatery near the GSIS office in Pasay City last Saturday evening. 

Us meant me, my two grown-up sons, JB and Jerson, and my very good friend, Peter Anthony Espeleta setting out to discover the fuss surrounding the latest food craze in town.

We just came from the nearby Rizal Memorial Coliseum in Vito Cruz, Manila to watch our favorite team, Ginebra, mangle archrival Magnolia in their Manila Clasico quarterfinals match, and our ecstatic selves decided to have a nice dinner to cap the night off before driving home to Laguna.

Our excitement, however, vanished quickly the moment we arrived in the area and saw the long beeline of people patiently awaiting their turn to be served the much-hyped “overload pares”. 

As much as we fancied sampling the cholesterol-inducing dish, we realized that our growling stomachs were not as patient as we eventually resolved to satisfy our “pares” craving elsewhere.

Food carts peddling the increasingly popular dish of rice paired with fatty bits of meat or pork or beef innards have sprouted like mushrooms in almost every corner of the metropolis. 

And judging the way they have multiplied in the streets over the years, small entrepreneurs invested in the “pares” business are certainly whistling their way to the bank with handsome profits.

The ordinary Juans’ natural love for street food is a huge factor in the phenomenal popularity of what is fast turning out to be the new Filipino’ comfort food, and those who are into the “pares” trade are capitalizing on this to earn a fortune in the food business.

Another thing that makes “pares’ click among commoners is its perfect blend of simplicity and satisfaction. 

Catering to the masses, pares stalls offer a quick and filling meal that resonates with the busy urban lifestyle of Filipinos. 

Whether it’s a quick breakfast on the go, a hearty lunch break, or a late-night snack after a long day, pares stands are always ready to serve up a steaming bowl of comfort.

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