Friday , 19 April 2024
Boy Villasanta and Agon (Photo Credit: Boy Villasanta)

Popular online host Agon wows Philippine Blockchain 2022

Margaret Gil, a former colleague at the defunct Radio Philippines Network (RPN) Channel 9 public affairs show “Action 9” stirred up by interest in Agon.

Agon who?

Agon Hare, the famous host of “Project Nightfall” on YuTube who has millions of viewers, likers and followers.

It was during the frenzy of the Philippine Blockchain 2022 at the Marriot Grand Ballroom of the Newport World Resorts Manila that Margaret, also known as Marge, among kith and kin, pointed at Agon when he breezed through the media room of the event.

Agon sounds like Anon indeed.

The Fil-Spanish travel industry doyenne didn’t leave no stone unturned and she immediately went to Agon’s side and they talked intently.

“Agon is very charismatic,” quipped Ozaeta who tracks down every move of the Polish online superstar.

Anon introduced me to Agon who was very generous of his time selfieing with us.

Hare was at the gig because his girlfriend, everyman’s Sonya Mulkeet was one of the hosts of the digital convocation.

Although Agon didn’t face up with an on cam interview, he was happy to be part of the blockchain shindig.

He and Sonya are partners in their mutually formed “Project Nightfall” which deals with all types of subjects from environment to mysticism to government to religion to the whole universe.

The couple believes in the crypto financing phenomena now taking the cyber world by storm.      

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