Friday , 19 April 2024

Recto appeals for fairness in stories from economic journalists

Finance Secretary Ralph G. Recto called upon economic journalists to uphold the principle of fairness in their reporting of economic and fiscal affairs, recognizing their key role in shaping public understanding and better policymaking.

“Call us out if we are wrong, and on times we have done something good, write about our wins––just the facts, no add-on praises needed. Because if you do your work, you help us with ours, as the feedback your reports trigger is crucial in improving policy,” he said in his speech at the Induction Ceremony of 2024 Economic Journalists Association of the Philippines (EJAP) Officers on March 21, 2024.

The Finance Chief is adamant in his belief that public interest is better served by a press that is fair, free, and fights, rather than one that sings empty praises.

He also believes in the power and utility of critiques––the ones based on facts and not on fiction––as they can polish the rough edges that may hurt the many stakeholders who are impacted by what the government does. 

“This is not Fortress DOF that is impervious to what is happening outside, where tabletop simulations ignore realities on the ground,” he stressed. 

Secretary Recto also noted that he is not one to sit out on tough decision-making.

“To those who still doubt, they have to examine how I fared in many legislative skirmishes that I happily waded into in the House and the Senate. My decisions were never dependent on where the political wind blows. I am no fan of safe harbors. I believe that to move forward, one must sail against the wind,” he said.

In the past, Secretary Recto explained that he was reluctant to engage with the press but now understands the significance of partnering with them to help ordinary Filipinos understand the government’s plans and why they matter in the long run.

“As I preach the gospel of a brighter Philippine economy and how we intend to turn this optimism into a daily reality for every Filipino, I realized that I cannot do it without you,” he said. 

As Finance Secretary, he committed to becoming both a dealer of hope and a teller of truth as he owes the country not only his hard work but his honesty.

“Besides, there is no wiggle room here for spin, as numbers do not lie, and if they’re bad, you cannot browbeat it so it can take another shape. You can only promise to do better,” he emphasized.

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