Sabayang Pagpinta Workshop @ Sunshine Place

A beginner-friendly lecture and hands on group painting workshop will be conducted by Mr. Fidel Sarmiento, a visual artist and leader in the visual arts industry. 

In this series of face-to-face painting workshop, the students will learn the basics of blending and proper mixing of acrylic colors, how to use the brush and palette knife to be able to paint landscape (clouds, trees, mountains, street scene) seascape (sailboat, rocks and waves), cityscape (houses, buildings perspective, impressionism) and still life (metal, glass). Workshop is open to students from 15 years old and above. Aside from beginners, the workshop is also open to those who would like to brush up on their painting skills are invited to join!

The eight-session workshop has morning and afternoon schedules every Tuesdays:  9:30 am -12:30 pm and 1:30 pm –  4:30 pm.

Mr. Sarmiento has received numerous prestigious awards, here and abroad and he is presently the President of the Art Association of the Philippines and a former member of the Board of Trustees of the National Museum. He is respected by his colleagues in the industry and has carved his own niche. He has mounted a total of 15 one-man shows to date, both local and abroad, four back-to-back shows, and 14 international group shows he helped organize.

In the past years, he has been generous enough to offer his time, treasure, and talents by instilling the love of arts in communities through workshops, art competitions, and mentoring kids and seniors.

For more details, please contact T. (632) 856-4144 / 856-4162 M. (+63917) 515-5656 or email:

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