Friday , 19 April 2024
Roeder Camanag (Photo Credit: Roeder Camanag/Facebook)

“Sana Naman” singer plays Jesus Christ in passion play

By Boy Villasanta

As a solemn promise to annually portray Jesus Christ in a passion play during Holy Week, singer and actor Roeder (now sporting his family name Camanag–Roeder Camanag as a full screen call–to distinguish identities of his directorial and managerial stints from his performance obligations) reboots his role this Lenten season.

In “Daan ng Krus,” a musical passion play, Roeder essays the Jesus Christ character in a series of shows staged in various venues in Metro Manila and the provinces.

For Camanag, breathing life into the character of religious icons and personas, posthumously or living, means service to fellowmen and sacrifice for the glory of the Lord.

According to Roeder, “Daan ng Krus” is a harmonious journey.

In one of the play’s showcases, Roeder introspected: “…the 2nd leg of the ‘Daan ng Krus’ tour unfolded at the Montano Hall in Cavite City, weaving a tapestry of faith, music, and devotion. The stage radiated with passion as the performers carried the audience through the poignant stations of the cross.

“…the 3rd leg awaited at the Erewhon Center for the Arts on Don Francisco St., Old Balara, Quezon City. The spotlight once again illuminated the sacred path, inviting hearts to reflect, rejoice, and find solace in the timeless story of sacrifice and redemption.”

Camanag has observed that the melodies of the perfirmances “…echoed, the lights dance, and the spirit soared. We continued this soul-stirring pilgrimage, where every note resonated with hope and every step led us closer to grace.”

Roeder, the original singer of the pop song “Sana Naman” is ready to tackle the Jesus Christ role anytime especially during Lent.

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