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“When I become President…”

Laurencio Jun Yulaga of the Philippine Green Republican Party, a self-proclaimed international scientist and Harvard graduate, who filed his COC for President, claims to have a cure for Covid-19 that Filipinos may find literally shocking.

When reporters asked for his platform of government after filing his Certificate of Candidacy with the Commission on Elections, Yulaga said Covid patients just need to sit on an “electric chair” and be zapped with 12,000 volts of electricity. He said the electricity will only have a positive charge, and it will cause a patient to lose the disease.

Yulaga’s running mate, Alexander Lague, also revealed that if he is elected vice president, he will put up a comfort room in each of the 42,046 barangay in the country.

Lague’s idea is reminiscent of the pink urinal booths of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) that sprouted along the stretch of EDSA and other roads in the capital from 2003 to 2009. The urinals were the brainchild of then MMDA chair Bayani Fernando who wanted to put a stop to men urinating against walls and other spots along public sidewalks.

The barangay comfort room can address the same problem the MMDA urinals tried to solve, but Lague’s plan is for the facility to collect urine for repurposing.

According to Lague, Yulaga’s technology will be used for the conversion of the urine into useful products. He assured that no public funds will be used in constructing the comfort rooms. Instead, he would loan the money for the project from Yulaga’s company.

However, like Yulaga’s Covid cure, Lague’s barangay comfort room proposal seems fishy, too. The collected men’s urine, he said, will be converted into perfume, while female urine will be turned into fertilizer.

Urine is rich in nitrogen that is good for the soil and plant. Making perfume out of urine had been done before so the idea also is not new.

American talkshow host Andy Cohen had claimed making perfume out of star singer Lady Gaga’s pee collected by her production assistant whenever she couldn’t find a place to relieve herself during shows. The process involves distillation to get rid of the smell.

Producing perfume is not a priority though unless it can restore Covid patients’ loss of smell not to mention that using men’s urine is quite discriminatory and sexist.

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