SUZUKI Philippines Inc. introduced four new Ertiga Hybrid cars in an elegant fashion recently at the Blackbird of Nielsen in Makati City as it officially enters its best bets in the growing popularity of the MPV segment in the country.

The Ertiga Hybrids are the first batch of hybrid vehicles that were unwrapped at this early in the market and expected to level up the ride of the cost-conscious Filipino buyers. Two are manual transmissions while the other two are automatics.

Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki (SHVS) is a lightweight and compact hybrid system that combines an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) and 12V lithium-ion battery to deliver fuel efficiency with less carbon emission while deliver spirited response.

The ISG not only ensures quick and quiet engine restarts. It also provides electric motor power assistance for fuel-efficient acceleration and generates power to charge the batteries when decelerating.

During stops at traffic lights, electrical components are powered by batteries while the engine stops to conserve fuel. The ISG functions as a starter motor and smoothly restart the engine and also when decelerating. The ISG uses deceleration energy to generate electricity and efficiently charge the vehicle’s batteries.

Dynamic pricing scheme will surely turn heads as Suzuki sets them on the four car variants: New Ertiga GLX-AT – P1,153,000; New Ertiga GL –MT – P1,068,000; New Ertiga GL-AT – P1,103,000;and New Ertiga GA-MT – P954,000.

The Ertiga Hybrid commands a very stylish exterior and interior that very appealing to the new generation of buyers that go for comfort and fuel economy.

It has sleek and aerodynamic body that is complemented by the new and modern front grille. The new tailgate design is very attractive with chrome accent and “hybrid” emblem.

The new halogen headlamp is equipped with follow-me-home function which is on even after the remote door locks 10 seconds after. It automatically turns on when the vehicle senses that it enters a dimly-lit areas and turns off when enough illumination on the road is already visible. The 3-dimensional design LED tail lamps and stop lamps have long vertical light guides while the side mirror is electric folding with integrated signal lamp.

The interior boasts of several upgrades that will surely bring their occupants to their destinations in comfort.

The D-shape steering wheel is very significant in front complete with integrated audio system controls with new stylish meter cluster and multi-information display on the hybrid operation.  The cruise control can be activated with a button on the steering wheel allowing you to release the accelerator during highway driving. ANDY SEVILLA

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